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Actual DA should have been 150 to 180 % range not just 80% as on 1/1/2013

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State
The Secretary General

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers 

New Delhi


 Please go through the tables provided as attachment on . 

Compare 6th CPC Rates as per table 2.21 of the 6th CPC report , Consumer Price Index Rates published by Government of India  and Market Rates prevailing as on today, for example today the actual price price of Rice is Rs 48 to Rs 52 per kg in Bangalore , but as per 6th CPC computation it is only Rs 18 per kg as per Consumer Price Index of 2001  it is only Rs 24 to Rs 28  per kg,  this shows an increase of 270% over the 6th CPC prices (table number 2.21). almost all articles have shown an increase  over 200%.  Due to failure of monsoon & diesel price increase the prices will go up further , but we will be compensated partially only next year as due to faulty DA formula . 

The actual DA should have been 150 to 180 % range not just 80% as on 1/1/2013 paid to us . The Consumer Price Index of 2001 which was at 115 points as on 1/1/2006 should have been at 300 points rather than at 219 points as on 1/1/2013.

Actual Price Rise  is 200%
DA is 80% as on 1.1.2013

The 6th CPC while recommending the Minimum Salary- Analysis & Recommendations vide 2.2.15 

The Commission, however,agrees that the norms set by the 15th International Labour Conference (ILC) are appropriate for computing minimum salary. It
is also observed that the minimum salary is applicable at the time a person joins the Government which will usually be at a young age when a person may be just married and will not have responsibility of parents or many children. Accordingly, the family unit for minimum salary can only be taken as three. The Fifth CPC had also taken the average number of consumption at the age of entry as three. To this extent, the Commission is in agreement with the method adopted by the Staff Side for computing the minimum salary. Certain modifications are, however, necessary in the computations used by the staff Side. The minimum salary would need to be computed taking into account the prices as on 1.1.2006, being the date from which the revised pay scales are going to take effect. Government provides separate housing allowance, education allowance and medical facilities. As such, separate provision for the same cannot be made in the minimum salary. Keeping these modifications in view, as per the formula used by the JCM, Staff Side; minimum salary should be in the vicinity of Rs.5479 per month as on 1.1.2006. Detailed working by which the figure of Rs.5479 has been derived is at Table 2.2.1. The Commission is, however, recommending a higher minimum salary keeping in view their emphasis on higher skill levels and multi-skilling for all Government jobs. Accordingly, the running pay bands recommended by the Commission prescribe the minimum salary of Rs.6660 (Rs.4860 as basic pay + Rs.1800 as grade pay to be counted as pay for all purposes) in the lowest grade of the Pay Band PB 1. At the time of implementation of this Report in 2008, the gross minimum salary in A 1 cities (with reference to the minimum PB 1 Pay Band) will be around Rs.10,000 once benefits of HRA, Transport Allowance, Education Allowance, etc. are included. This, incidentally, corresponds to the minimum salary demanded by the Staff Side."

Today we require a minimum salary of Rs 20,000/- taking into the present prices into account, todays wages works out to just Rs 12000/- including DA hence 50% increase in salary is required.


I request your kind self to take up the matter.

Comradely yours

General Secretary 

6th CPC rates and present rates                                                                                                                  
               Comparative Chart:                                                                                                        
Slno        Item        Per          6th CPC rates                       Rates                     Rates as % change
                                             in Rs as in                             as per CPI                             per Market             compare
                                             table 2.21                              in Rs                      in Rs       to 6th CPC
                                             as on 1.1.2006                      as on 1.12.12                        as on 1.2.13           prices
1             Rice        Kg           18                          21                          48           266
2             Dal (Toor/ urd)       Kg           40                          59                          85           145
3             Raw Veg Kg           10                          15                          30           300
4             Greenleaf Veg       Kg           10                          14                          25           250
5             Other Veg              Kg           10                          17                          25           250
6             Fruits      Kg           30                          25                          80           266
7             Milk         lt             24                          26                          30           125
8             Sugar and jaggery  Kg           24                          34                          40           166
9             Edible Oil               Kg           50                          96                          100         200
10           Fish        Kg           120                        157                        320         266
11           Meat       Kg           120                        257                        320         266
12           Egg each               each        2                            4                            5             250
13           Detergents etc       Kg           200                        240                        350         175
14           Clothing                 Mt           80                          61                          150         187
15           Cokked meals                                                     32                          60           187
               CPI: Consumer Price Index published by Government of India                                                                                                  
               Market Rates as per local market rates                                                                                                         
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