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Meeting with Sri. Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State of Communications, was held today (21.01.2012) at 11.00 AM. Meeting lasted for 30 minutes. The staff side presented a memorandum to the Minister, containing the issues which needs Minister’s intervention. (See the copy published in the website). Minister agreed to examine each case on its merits and take early decision. The following issues were discussed with the Minister, in detail.
(i) Issues relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks
(ii) Issues relating to casual, Part-time, Contingent employees
(iii) Revision of overtime allowance

Regarding GDS issues like status, promotion etc. Minister assured to examine the cases in detail and taken a decision at the earliest. Regarding reduction of existing allowances of GDS, the Minister gave on the spot instructions to the Secretary, Department of Posts, to issue orders protecting the existing TRCA in full. Further regarding cash handling point Minister directed Secretary that it should be finalized before 31st January 2012. He assured that the other issues like Bonus ceiling, providing norms for left out items etc. will also be given sympathetic consideration. Regarding casual labourers issues Minister gave direction to the Postal Board to expedite the orders. Minister further assured that he will definitely call for the files relating to the other items mentioned in the memorandum and an indepth examination of the issues will be made and decision taken early.

The staff side thanked the Minister for giving us an opportunity to present our cases in front of him. The staff side was represented by Com. M. Krishnan (S/G, NFPE), Sri. D. Theagarajan (S/G, FNPO), Com. K. V. Sridharan, (G/S, P3, NFPE), Com. L. D. Kaushik (P3, FNPO), Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas (G/S P4, NFPE) Com. Ashok Sharma (P4, FNPO), Com. Giriraj Singh (G/S, R3, NFPE), Com. Devendra Kumar, Com. Pawan Kumar (R3, FNPO), Com. P. Suresh (G/S, R4 NFPE), Com. Satish Chander (R4, FNPO), Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee (G/S, Admn. NFPE), Com. S. B. Yadav (AIPAEA), Com. O. P. Khanna (G/S AIPAOA), Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah (G/S AIPEDEU), Com. Gautam Das (Org. Secy., NUGDS), Com. R. N. Parashar (ASG, NFPE).

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Friday, January 20, 2012

The agenda for the monthly meeting of service unions for the month of January – 2012 GDS

ALL India Postal Employees Union, G D S,
Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110
ಅಖಿಲ ಭಾರತ ಅಂಚೆ ನೌಕರರ ಸಂಘ,
ಜಿ ಡಿ ಎಸ್ , ಹಾವೇರಿ ವಿಭಾಗ, ಹಾವೇರಿ - ೫೮೧ ೧೧೦
Ref No:                                                                                                                                 Date:20.01.2012

The Superintendent of Post Offices,
Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

            The agenda for the monthly meeting of service unions for the month of January – 2012, to be held on 25.01.2012, is submitted herewith for positive and expedite necessary action, please.

Old Items:

1.     Still pending. The list of downward TRCA cases enclosed herewith for perusal, please.

New Items:

3. Please furnish details of GDS Officials whose TRCA has been reduced from January 2004 to June 2004 along with the copy of orders issued in this regard. Please regulate the allowances of those GDS officials as in the case of Shri G H Kadur, Doddagubbi BO, a/w Rattihalli SO.

The following officials will attend the meeting; necessary relief arrangement is requested herewith.

1.     Shri D B Mulimani, GDS MC, Haveri HO
2.     Shri D S Chakravarthi, GDS Packer, Agadi SO.

       Yours faithfully

   Divisional Secretary,
           AIPEU, GDS
       Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

The agenda for the month of January – 2012 Postman & Class IV

ALL India Postal Employees Union, Postman &
Class IV, Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110
ಅಖಿಲ ಭಾರತ ಅಂಚೆ ನೌಕರರ ಸಂಘ, ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮ್ಯಾನ್ ಹಾಗೂ ನಾಲ್ಕನೆ ವರ್ಗ, ಹಾವೇರಿ ವಿಭಾಗ, ಹಾವೇರಿ - ೫೮೧ ೧೧೦
Ref No:                                                                                                                                 Date:20.01.2012

The Superintendent of Post Offices,
Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

            The agenda for the monthly meeting of service unions for the month of January – 2012, to be held on 25.01.2012, is submitted herewith for positive and expedite necessary action, please.

Old Items:
1 & 2 Pending

New Items:
3. Please provide one fork-cart to Haveri HO for carrying mailbags.

The following officials will attend the meeting; necessary relief arrangement is requested herewith.

1.     Shri B D Iliger, Postman, Haveri HO
2.     Shri M M Mallanagoudar, Postman, Ranebennur MDG.

       Yours faithfully

     Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU, Postman & Class IV
       Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

The agenda for the month of January – 2012 Gr 'C'

ALL India Postal Employees Union, Group “C”,
Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110
ಅಖಿಲ ಭಾರತ ಅಂಚೆ ನೌಕರರ ಸಂಘ, ಗ್ರುಪ್ 'ಸಿ' ,
ಹಾವೇರಿ ವಿಭಾಗ, ಹಾವೇರಿ - ೫೮೧ ೧೧೦
Ref No:                                                                                                                                 Date:20.01.2012

The Superintendent of Post Offices,
Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

            The agenda for the month of January – 2012 is submitted herewith for positive and expedite necessary action, please.

Old Items:
1.     Filling up of APM-Mails (LSG), Haveri HO – It is hereby requested to fill up the post among the senior officials in the division.
Till the post is not filled up, hence the present status may please be furnished and expedite action is requested.
2.     De-quarterization of Masur and Halageri SO – the copy of the reference made to RO may please be furnished.
As already the officials represented individually and as per your office minutes the matter has been referred to RO, the copy of the reference may please be made available so as to take the issue to RO level.
3.     Accommodation for Recreation Club at Haveri HO
Till date the matter is pending. The staff of Haveri HO is deprived of recreation since long, hence immediate action is sought for.

Old Items of December 2011:
1.     i) Since the PAs are not reverted, the matter is still pending and requires expedite action is sought for.
2.     i) No individual systems are provided for Supervisors.
ii) Since the available printers are not in working condition, same may please be replaced or repaired at the earliest.
iii) Pending since the problem not yet set right. Please include that use of manual passbooks may lead to frauds and as such it is very much imperative that the Passbook Printers kept working and the usage of manual passbooks may immediately be stopped in computerized offices.
iv) Pending since the Gen set is still not working.

New Items:
3.     Please avoid training, melas, meetings etc on Sundays and Holidays.
4.     Please provide sufficient training to the ‘C’ Sub Postmasters with live day to day examples and also provide a reference booklet to assist them on job. It is to bring to your kind notice that the software used in ‘C’ Class Computerized offices is having ‘Supervisor’ and ‘ User’ options which is absurd as there is only one official working in modules. Hence, the matter may please be brought to the notice of higher authorities for modification in software and till the receipt of new software the computerization may please be kept in abeyance.
5.     Please provide one senior official to Halageri SO as SPM since the office is being run by junior official consequent upon the transfer of Shri M F Tumminakatti.
6.     Please provide i) one compactor to keep the records of Accounts Branch
 ii) Please expedite filling up of Accountant-II post of Haveri HO among willing officials if qualified accountant is not available.
7.     Please provide requisite computer chairs & tables to all computerized post offices at the earliest.

The following officials will attend the meeting; necessary relief arrangement is requested herewith.

1.     Shri J C Jayaram Naik, Postmaster Grade-I, Hangal SO
2.     Shri S B Neeralakatti, Accountant-I (Oftg), Haveri HO

       Yours faithfully

   Divisional Secretary,
         AIPEU, Class-III
       Haveri Division, Haveri – 581 110

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PURI WORKSHOP FROM 04.02.2012 TO 05.02.2012 - Full Details

PURI WORKSHOP FROM 04.02.2012 TO 05.02.2012


4.2.2012 10.00 Flag hoisting
Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE & CHQ President
10.20 Com. M. Krishnan will be on the Chair, CHQ President
10.30 Welcome Address: Com. R. C. Mishra, Vice President, CHQ
10.45 Introduction about the aim & object of the workshop
Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary
11.15 Disciplinary Rulings – “An Introduction, analysis & Challenges before Trade Unionists”
Com. M. C. Nair, Retd. SSPos, Trivandrum
13.15 LUNCH

14.15 Contributory Negligence – Protection from its misuse.
Com. M. R. Meenakshisundaram, Retd. Supervisor, Chennai GPO
16.00 Right to Information Act & Role of Trade Union activists.
Com. B. G. Tamhankar Ex-CHQ President

17.30 Group Study

Note: - All the 180 delegates will be divided into 12 groups consisting of 15 delegates in each group. The leaders of the groups will be selected among the group members during lunch break. The leaders or one representative from each group can raise any questions/doubts on disciplinary matters. Therefore there will be a group study for 1 hour from 17.30 hours to 18.30 hours.

18.30 to 20.00 Interaction sessions on all the topics discussed on 04.02.2012
Presidium will be Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President, K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary, Com. M. C. Nair, Com. B. G. Tamhankar & Com. M. R. Meenakshisundaram.

20.00 to 21.00 Questions will be asked from the Presidium to the participants to ascertain the understanding about the topics taken on that day’s class and discussions.

21.00 Dinner

Note: - If the business could not be completed within the prescribed time, night session, if need be, will be organized.

05.02.2012 Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President (CHQ)

08.00 to 10.00 Group Study by the respective groups separately

10.00 “Leaders qualities of cadres & the Role of P3 in building joint movement”. Introduction by: Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex-Working President, CHQ

11.00 to 11.30 Discussion by representatives of 12 groups

11.30 to 14.00 “How to represent the issues by citing rules before administration”
Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary will initiate the debate
Model questions will be given to each group in previous day end. The group leader/representative will present their case for the consumption of others. The group study from 08.00 AM to 10.00 AM has been organized for that purpose alone.

14.00 LUNCH

15.00 to 17.00 Postal Trade Union history & our present task
Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President & Secretary General NFPE

17.00 to 19.00 Objective type questions will be supplied to all the participants. All are requested to furnish answers. No options in the question will be provided. The valuated result will be intimated by post to the respective participants.

19.00 Presentation of certificates to the Participants.

19.30 Feed back from the delegates

20.15 Vote of thanks Com. Rajesh, Divisional Secretary, Puri

As we have confined the workshop for two days, it will be in tight schedule. More time will be allotted to the participants to exchange and share their experiences with other delegates. All delegates may please come with full devotion to attend the workshop that they will not get any spare time during these two days. A comprehensive note on disciplinary rulings and other topics will be supplied to the delegates.

Let us make the workshop a fruitful and educative one.

Note: -
(i) The Receiption committee will organize a sightseeing tour on 06.02.2012 to the willing participants. The expenditure towards hiring bus shall be borne by the participants.
(ii) The TA/DA for CHQ office bearers/Mahila Sub Committee members may please be borne by the respective circle unions as this is exclusively an educative programme. The Circle Secretaries are requested for this effect.
(iii) All delegates are requested not to leave the workshop on both days and should not have any other programmes. Don’t book for your return ticket on 05.02.2012 before 11 PM.

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All DOP System Administrators...

We request all DOP System Administrators to join this group where we can share our views and woes.

Hi Friends, this group is exclusively meant for Postal Technological Issues, hence no personal posting please. The main purpose of this group is to solve technological problems we are facing in DOP. W...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Postal staff call off strike after assurance of no merger or closure, for now

Postal employees have called off their country-wide indefinite strike from January 17 after the Government agreed not to merge any post office, only relocate some. Also, no L2 Railway Mail Service sorting office will be closed, at least for three years.
The agreement was reached between the Department of Posts and the Joint Council of Action, representing 5.5 lakh postal employees belonging to four national federations after five rounds of talks that ended on January 13.
“We are 80 per cent satisfied with the agreement. Based on the written assurances by the Secretary, Posts and on the assurance that a meeting with the Minister of State for Communications will be arranged shortly on unresolved issues, the JCA has decided to all off the strike,” Mr M Krishnan, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees, told Business Line.
To streamline core mail operations, already under threat from emails and courier services, the Postal Board had proposed to redesign the first class mail network, which is divided into L1 and L2 sorting categories. It had proposed to close down some offices in L2 category.
“The Chairperson (Postal Board) assured us that L2 mail offices will not be closed for three years”, said Mr Krishnan. The JCA said it was not opposed to modernisation of the postal department provided jobs were not threatened.
As part of the redesign, Automatic Mail Processing Centres are being installed in Delhi and Kolkata. Once these are installed, the consolidation of mail offices will be discussed with the staff side. The JCA was also assured that merger of mail offices in Mumbai and Chennai would be put on hold till new sorting machines were in place, said Mr Krishnan.
As regards, merger of post offices, the JCA held these could be “shifted in cases of litigation and poor condition of buildings” and that “closure should be accompanied by simultaneous relocation.”
The Department agreed that there was a need for rationalisation of postal network instead of resorting to temporary merger of post offices. Circles will identify areas where new post offices are required and would also identify post offices that do not meet the norms and do not have sufficient work and will submit a report to the Directorate”, said Mr Krishnan.
It was agreed that ‘unresolved’ issues such as providing civil servant status to over three lakh Gramin Dak Sevaks, wage revision etc. would be discussed later.
Courtesy : Hindu Business Line

Protest against Superintendent and divisional administration of Mavelikara Division

Protest against Superintendent and divisional administration of Mavelikara Division
NFPE Mavelikara Division on 10.01.2012 organised mass demonstration against the arrogant attitude of superintendant and divisional Administration against employees and their service union. About 200 workers of Mavelikara division gathered in front of Mavelikara HPO/Divisional office building. Mass rally was conducted from HPO building covering Mitchel Junction-Mavelikara.
Com.CMS Haji ,ex Divisional secretary P3 NFPE inaugurated the function. Com.K Nissar( Div Secretary P4 ) and O A Rassaq ( Div secretary GDS) addressed the function

Memo submitted to the superintendent :
As per the decision of the Joint Working Committee meeting of AIPEU this memoranda contained demands is submitted for necessary action.
1)The attitude of Divisional administration towards employees and the union is not cordial or cooperative. Union’s interference in service matters and employees matters are dealt with intolerance and arrogance. The enquiries/correspondence are also replied in arrogance. This attitude must be changed.
2)Harassment of staff is the order of the day. Employees are being harassed orally and in writing for not achieving targets and in the name of Project Arrow. GDS employees are being threatened that their personal matters like transfers and welfare matters will not be processed and allowance will be reduced.
3)Discrepancy between monthly meeting discussions and minutes. Monthly meeting minutes are often issued in contravention to the discussions and settlements in the meeting.
4)MACP is denied to some officials . Their cases may please be reviewed.
5)Settle EDGIS claims of formerly GDS now promoted as MTS.
6)Revise contingent allowance immediately which has not been done since 1.1.2009
7)Stop irregular retention of PA in Divisional Office. One employee is being retained in Divisional office allowing him to continue for more than 20 years in the same building.
8)RPLI commission/Incentive claims of many employees are pending. Though Divisional Office claimed that no application is pending.
9)Provide additional man power for RPLI data entry work with Head Offices.
10)Supply/replace faulty UPS of Sub Offices. There are cases pending for one year.
11)Review denied CCL application.
12)Expedite supply of uniforms and chappals.
13)APAR due in July 2011 has not been released.
14)Revise FSC with retrospective effect immediately as per Directorate orders.
15)Stepping up of Pay of seniors vide OM No 1-9/2010-PCC dated 5/1/2011 of Ministry of Communication & IT is pending in respect of some officials.
16)Release all personal claims such as TA, ROHSC etc.
17)Supply adequate furniture such as Computer table, Chairs etc.
18)Sanction arrears of substitutes worked in the leave vacancy of Postmen/Gr D.
Yours faithfully;
Divisional Secretaries
L Jayasree K Nizar O A Rassaq
AIPEU Gr C Postmen & MTS GDS
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Monday, January 16, 2012


No closure of RMS for three years  and
1.     No one will be transferred to L1 or L2  unless they request so.
2.     L1 sorting hub will be opened on requirement
3.     APMC  will not be opened further. No APMC  for Chennai / Mumbai. Position will be decided after two years.
4.     Speedpost hub will be under RMS.
6.     Group of Secretaries under CABINET SECRETARY accepts-  Revision of OTA and GDS BONUS enhanced Limit Rs 3500/-
7.     Postman Exam/ postman recruitment/MTS recruitment rules will be modified. Open market recruitment  of 25% will be changed and maximum benefits to GDS.
8.     Cash handling point for GDSBPM ( Existing one point for Rs 20000/- ) will be favourably finalized shortly.
9.     Protection of TRCA will be ensured. Orders will be issued shortly.
10.            GDS compassionate appointments---- will be modified suitably
11.            GDS mail man  will be redeployed  suitably
12.            Chapels  will be supplied  to GDS
13.            GDS –cash conveyance allowance existing Rs 50/- per month  will be changed to Rs 50/- per day. Suitable proposal will be sent.
14.            Casual labour . Committee report already submitted . Decision will be made with in a week.
15.            PO & RMS Accountant pay fixation  will be decided favourably.
16.            Restriction posting again to Single handed/ double handed post offices will be relaxed  and Divisional head will decide  case to case.
17.            Un qualified accountant will also be granted Special Pay.
18.            Fidelity bond for Treasurer and Single handed SPM will be abolished.
19.            Clarificatory orders  for Post attached quarters will be issued shortly.
20.            Protection of pay for defunct accountant is agreed
21.            New pension scheme statement will be given periodically
22.            Enhanced Financial Powers for LSG/HSG II and HSG I will be notified with in a month.
23.            Over payment cases against APM (Accounts ) will be considered on Humanitarian angle.
24.            Revision of Honorarium- orders will be issued shortly.
25.             Physically challenged  officials will also be permitted for IPO exam
26.            Cash handling allowance at enhanced rate for TREASURERS will be examined
27.            MACP I/II/III officials will also be eligible for Treasury / Accountant  allowances
28.            Next  JCM Departmental council meeting is to be conducted in Feb 2012
29.            All Circle heads will conduct RJCM with in due Period .
30.            Monthly /Bimonthly / Four monthly meetings will be conducted in due time
31.            Cadre Restructuring  with in 31/3/2012
32.            Another committee will be constituted for  MMS Drivers
33.            PLI/RPLI work will be under taken at RO/CO for the town divisions  where RO/CO is situated
34.            Honorarium  for PLI/RPLI work  will be given
35.            All GDS posts will be filled shortly
36.            Postmaster cadre officials will also be permitted to officiate HSG I/HSG II  Postmasters
37.            Postmaster cadre officials will also be permitted to appear in IPO/Group B exam
38.            PO & RMS Accountant will also be permitted for Postmaster Grade I exam
39.            System Administrator----  conveyance allowance and Road mileage will be granted.  Another committee will be formed for  their Cadre Restructuring  with in a month.
40.            Trainer allowance will be given to System Administrators and WCTC trainers also.
41.            New guidelines will be issued for SBCO  staff RT and transfer
42.            SB Minus balance cases –Our Staff side Proposals will be examined
43.            Contributory negligence factor – Another  instruction will be issued
44.            PO& RMS Accountant – Special Hierarchical will be considered
45.            Declination of promotion before 1/9/2008 - Granting of  MACP in such cases -  orders will be caused to be issued by DOPT
46.            FR 17 A will not be issued for  simple cases only deserves for Dies Non.
47.             Another instruction will be issued  for stopping Melas and training on holidays and Sundays

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